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  • Arraish’s handcrafted Blue Pottery tableware – the way to elegant daily dining experience

    Ladies are usually very interested in adding some beautiful and peaceful aesthetics to their daily breakfast, lunch and dinners. But this can’t be possible if you don’t own any eye catching dinner set, dish sets, tea set, plate sets or to be more precise, an elegantly designed crockery set. Food seems more presentable when served in ceramic dinner set because serving your daily food...
  • Blue Pottery - Pakistan

    Blue Pottery - Pakistan
    Blue Pottery History: Blue Pottery Evolution through time From the days, even before our history began, pottery has been used as a medium for artistry and aesthetic expression. Clay has been used to express social and religious ideals. Discovery of “Gila- Lazwart” also known as cobalt oxide did wonders to the earthen pots. It was used in glazing and painting pots which when heated...
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